Friday, January 12, 2007

Couple of things worth mentioning...

Went to Trinity Bicycles over in Irving yesterday. Nice place to visit. Rode the TRE over there and then continued on with the fixed gear. As far as accessibility goes, this shop has a great location. Took a few minutes to get there by bike. Although I almost missed my train back to Fort Worth as we were still talking. Hope Anthony didn't think I was rude having to leave so abruptly. Picked up a really cool rack for the Cross Check. Been looking for one like this for a while now. Pics to be posted later.

Jeremy, the traveling messenger of ambigous accent, built up his track bike yesterday. It looks great and rides fast. The coolest part is, he built the frame with his own two hands. He's a great guy who now has a great bike. This is something that will deserve a post of its own as soon as I can get his bike and my camera in the same location at the same time!

Last thing, looks like the frosty weather is on its way. A winter advisory was just issued! Got the snow tires at home. Maybe it's time to use them... A boy can only hope! I am especially stoked as they are saying the chances of the ice reaching us is pretty slim. Meaning a weather lock down for sure. Hurry out and get your water/milk/bread/toilet paper before the stores run out!

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