Monday, January 15, 2007

The Icy Peril!

Last night was a bit of an adventure. The fixed wing and helicopter were down due to weather, so that left us with just the ambulance to get around in. Went almost the entire day without a single call, then as it got dark it all started. While we were out we saw 15 accidents in a 2 mile stretch. That is some crazy stuff. The roads were just terrible on anything that was elevated. So I did what any rational person would do in similar circumstances, I left work early and rode my bike home.

I have to throw out some more mad props to those Innova studded tires. They are the bomb! Wet, dry, icy, muddy... it didn't matter. The bike just plowed on through them without missing a beat. While my co-workers thought I was nuts for riding a bike to and from work in this weather, I was probably the most prepared person there. Glad they were on the Cross Check too, that way I could use my rack and bag. Much easier to carry with the potential conditions.

Here are a few pics of my set up...

Front view of my Cross Check- possibly one of the greatest Jack-of-All -Trades bikes ever created!

Rear view with my rack and bag:

A close up of that incredible tire (one I don't get to use nearly enough here in Fort Worth- but when I need it... it's priceless):

Also, there's just something about the simplicity of a fixed gear that I am absolutely falling in love with. The entire process is just so smooth and incredible. I never thought I would have an interest in it, as it seemed to be something for bike messengers and the hipster crowd. Well I was wrong. Even the simple things, like a good chain line, just seem so appealing to me now.

Yes, if you look closely at this bike you'll probably notice the STI shifters and possible even the rear dérailleur, this bike is usually a geared bike and one I'm planning on using for touring in the near future (hence the racks and bags), but since I didn't have the clearance for studded tires on the fixed gear I just made a few adjustments to the Cross Check so I could ride it fixed for a few days. Seemed like I might need a little more control that riding fixed could offer me. I was right. My rims were freezing up a bit where the brake pads made contact on my way home last night. So I just took it easy on the brakes and back-pedaled to slow down.

Staying home with Gracie today. We'll have to find something fun to do before she develops Cinderella narcosis. How a pre-schooler can watch the same movie 20 times in a row is a bit beyond me... I try to limit her video intake to one or two videos, preferably with no repeats. Tough being cooped up all day though. We'll hit the playdough pretty hard after nap time, maybe even bake some cookies.

Don't turn your back on the pre-schoolers either. They'll go Ninja on you in a heart beat! Flying through the air and attacking at will:

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