Friday, January 19, 2007

Rainy day comfort food...

Alright! A Thursday night out and the trend to try new places continues. Sharon let me pick again, her only criteria was that she just wanted someplace warm. I thought, how can you go wrong with some good Soul Food? Went with a place called Ovation over off Camp Bowie near Como Heights. I think I made a good choice.

While I can't comment much on the atmosphere (we were in a cozy corner near the stage and I was facing the wall), I can comment on the food and service. The service was great. Margaret was our server and I almost felt like I was at home for Sunday dinner and my Mom was over my shoulder. Very attentive. The only thing Sharon didn't care for was the stage lights. They flashed in tempo with the music, shining directly into her face like some sort of deranged traffic signal. So if you go I recommend sitting a bit away from the stage. Live music is also played nightly, looks like they started around 8'ish.

While the menu isn't exactly what I consider standard fare "soul food" (not an easy term to define anyway) it hit all the classics with fancier ingredients and an upscale presentation:

While everything on the menu looked good to me (well, except the catfish- I hate catfish) I chose the Shrimp, Fish, and Grits. This is a blackened salmon dish served with two good sized fried shrimp over a bed of jalapeƱo cheese grits with a crawfish cream sauce. At $18.00, it's not a cheap meal, but well worth every penny of it. Not only did I enjoy this dish, I found myself sopping up the crawfish/cheese grits with the bread served with the meal.

Sharon went with the herb roasted chicken, braised green beans, and garlicky mashed potatoes. Presentation was nice and she said the food tasted great. Although she prefers her green beans a little more on the crispy side (my fault, since I barely steam them when I make them- what can I say... I spoil the girl).

Another notable dish, the table next to us got the chicken and waffles. Wow, it looked fantastic! Fried chicken, collard greens, a Belgian waffle, cinnamon butter, and blueberry infused maple syrup. While I'm not a huge fan of collard greens, everything else on that plate looked incredibly good. The dessert menu had some nice looking offerings on it, but we had decided beforehand to walk next door to Starbucks for an after-dinner coffee.

If you like soul food, which is really just comfort food when you get down to it, and dishes like smothered pork chops, fried chicken, pot roast, short ribs, and gumbo served with an upscale twist appeal to you... then this could be right up your alley. I know I'll be back.

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