Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another night out on the town

Sharon and I found another great little restaurant in town called Greenwoods German and European Restaurant. It only recently opened on the Bluebonnet Traffic Circle.

Sharon mentioned it because she saw a review of it in the paper. Apparently so did everyone else in the surrounding neighborhoods. The place was packed.

A few things I find worth mentioning about the place. It wouldn't hurt them to take a lesson or two about managing a dining establishment. There was no hostess, no waiting list, no busboys, and little to no communication with the patrons waiting in the foyer. Sharon and I waited about 20 minutes to be seated, even though there were two tables open (one clean, the other needing to be bussed). However, we noticed that they all seemed to be at their wits end because they were decidedly not expecting this much business their first week of business. In an uncharacteristic move on our part, we waited it out to try the food. I'm glad we did...

This is a great little place. We really didn't mind waiting as the staff was so incredibly nice and accommodating to us. The food was very good, with reasonable prices as well.

The menu is pretty varied and several things looked mighty tasty. However, we decided to stick with an old favorite, Jaeger schnitzel. It was very very good and between that, the potatoes, the red cabbage, and the SpƤtzle... we were stuffed. The table next to us ordered some dessert, and while it looked fantastic, I don't know where they found the room to put it.

Also, Sharon had the Franziskaner Hefeweizen and she seemed to like it very much. Unfortunately I was on call, so I was unable to drink. Oh well, next time...

If you're looking for a new place to try, give 'em a go. Hopefully they'll have the bugs worked out soon.

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