Thursday, March 15, 2007

First Sunburn of the year!!!

Had a pretty decent 24 hour shift at work, so Darrin and I hooked up for a ride. Ended up with just under 45 miles on the odometer. Got some good base miles in, a few really good climbs, and some sunburn on the tops of my arms. Lots 'O fun. I have to say, riding a fixed gear all winter has made a noticeable difference. The climbs were much easier than I remember them being in the past, not any faster... just not any more difficult.

Celebrated the ride with a Fredburger with Chipolte's on it from Fred's. Good stuff. Hopefully they can stay open a few more weeks before they burn down again. Twice in 6 months is more than enough in my book! Good news is, the inside is no smoking now... gotta love the irony. Rumor has it that the last fire was due to a patron dropping a lit cigarette in a booth and leaving it there.

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