Sunday, April 22, 2007

Main St. Arts Festival Redux + Brave Combo

Wow! Just got back from Main St Arts Festival (I know this is the second post, live with it). Sharon rode the recumbent bike, and I rode the Cross Check while I pulled Gracie in the trailer. We met up with my cousin Anne and her husband Robert, and hooked up with Bernie and Victoria for a while too. Did some sand art, blah blah blah, looked around, then saw Brave Combo play.

These guys are fantastic. If you read regularly, you'll remember they played at Bernie and Victoria's wedding. They were just as good today, if not better. Gracie loves their music, and she danced hard for about an hour. That little girl loves to dance to polka music. Unfortunately I left the camera sitting at home so I didn't get any pictures.

Afterwards, a quick bite for dinner at Billy Miners. Hamburgers and chicken rings (yes, ring shaped pieces of chicken, very similar in appearance to an onion ring) were very satisfying. I don't quite understand the fascination with Billy Miners though. It's alright, for a cigarette smoke saturated bar/burger joint, but I would have rather gone to Razzoo's. Unfortunately the wait was too long there.

We rode the bikes home, uphill and into the wind (of course) and little girl was asleep within minutes. She had a pretty full day though.

As a side note, one pretty cool feature this year at Main St. was the bike corral. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, it's like Valet parking for your bike. You drop it off, get your ticket, and go on your merry way. As an added bonus, it was on the corner of Houston and 4th (right by all the good stuff). Try finding a parking spot that good for your car! Another perk of the car free lifestyle. Thanks to Bikes Inc. for sponsoring it. Hopefully we can have more of those at big events in the future.


Whistler said...

Brave Combo is playing again at PrarieFest on Saturday - a lot of cool sponsors (Rahr, Panther City, etc.) too! Let me know if you go and we'll meet up.

Bernie said...

Need ... more ... Hasty.

So ... ... thirsty.