Thursday, April 5, 2007

Moving up to the Bigs!!!

Grace just informed us today that she got the call up. That's right, my little girl is going to "The Show." I hope Pre-School is all that she hopes it will be.

This is a big step for little girl. She'll be the young one again, with kids up to 5 years old. This will be a huge transition for her. I know she'll do fine, she always does... but a parent is allowed to worry a bit.

Yesterday I went to her school to visit her and noticed she was a "helper" with the younger ones. When it was time for me to leave she didn't want me to go and started to get a little teary eyed. I noticed a younger girl next to her that wasn't going anywhere. I told Gracie that as the big kid, it was her job to help Embry get back to the classroom. Gracie took one look at the younger child next to her and said everything would be ok. She took Embry by the hand and walked her back to her class, waving good-bye to me as she left. I hope a "helper" in her next class can do the same for her. They've got some big shoes to fill.

They grow up so fast...

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