Thursday, June 7, 2007

Finally, number one!

Actually, there are two that are my favorites right now. I've been debating all week which one to give the title to and I still can't decide. Well, I did decide one thing. I'll leave it up to you, my faithful blog reader. Well, all three of you actually... which is nice as that should help alleviate a tie.

Watch both, decide which one you like the best... then vote on it.

Contender number 1:

Team Hoyt, an amazing Father/Son team that is humbling beyond words.

Or, contender number 2:

Just a nice feelgood video that always makes me appreciate not only my life, but those in it that I love... and some that I miss dearly.

Free Hugs

Finally, here's the poll. Don't disappoint me. I need at least three votes to make it count, so everyone that reads this blog needs to step up to the plate!