Sunday, June 3, 2007

Youtube Greatness

Since we got rid of the TV last year we don't see that many shows, or TV commercials for that matter. However, we have a new addiction. Yes, we have succumbed to the mighty youtube.

Pretty much anything that we would want to see on TV is there, or at least the highlights. Plus, instead of spending hours watching TV like we used to... instead we watch a little youtube now and then. There are a few shining jewels that show up from time to time. I'll use this week to showcase some of the better ones we've seen lately:

Here's my first submission. One of my recent favorites and what I'll call number 5. It's a longer video, so it's not exactly bandwidth friendly. You've been warned.

This one if from the 1990 Track Match World Sprint. This is a good video because it shows an incredible level of skill, in both pure sprinting ability and the patience needed in this type of race. A skill that I'd like to someday obtain, but never will.

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