Saturday, November 24, 2007

Parade of Lights

This year marked the 25 year the Fort Worth Parade of Lights has taken place. It also marks the first year that I wasn't working and Gracie was old enough to sit through a parade that happens after dark.

It was an incredibly fun event, if a bit long. If you were unable to attend, here are a few highlights. Sure there are tons of pics... but it's a parade so you gotta take pics.

It finally darkened enough for the parade to start (yes, a parade of lights generally takes place after dark).

We found a good spot and waited for the floats to start their pass. We were at the end of the parade, so it was a bit after 6 before the festivities began.

Gracie and Sharon took their spots:

Along with our special guest, Aunt Liz:

Finally, the first float passed:

Followed by the Fort Worth Mounted division that acted as the color guard:

Followed by marching bands:




Old Cars:


Fire Engines:

Both new...

And old...

As well as more traditional floats:

(some a little more commercial than others...)

More than a few Elvis' (would that be Elvi?) showed up on motor scooters:

Not to be outdone in the large men in small vehicles category, the Shriners made an appearance.

And of course, more horses...

The Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl float was judged Best Overall :

Gracie was getting antsy though. She came all this way, braving the cold and crowds to see Santa. She was ready for some results!

Finally, after about 200 floats, at least 600 horses, several hundred dogs, and a gaggle of unicycles... Santa finally made his appearance (only to have his face blocked by some random fan):

Afterwards, a tired Gracie wanted to get something to eat and then go home. So we opted not to stay for the tree lighting. We'll leave that adventure for another time. Perhaps when we take her to visit Santa in the upcoming weeks.

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