Friday, January 11, 2008

Finding the perfect Scotch to go in your perfect Scotch glass...

So, the glass is nice. Unlike most glasses which start off narrow at the bottom and end up wider at the top, it has a nice curve to it that just feels right in the hand. It's heavy, thick, and a pleasure to drink out of. Think of it as holding a baseball. It just feels right.

I've found more than a few Scotches that I really like. The Macallan 15 year old pictured with the glass is one of my favorites. So how do you find your favorite? I'll throw out a little starter for you. Of course, this is my opinion... however if I was doing it again I might start here.

Jon, Mark and Robbo's Easy Drinking Whisky

These guys have a few pretty decent whiskies that run about $25.00 a bottle. It's an inexpensive (as far as Scotch goes) springboard into a world that can get much more expensive very quickly.

However, the great thing about these guys is that they've come up with a few blends (yes I know... blends are usually taboo, but you're learning so it's ok) that will let you know exactly what you like in a Scotch. Do you like a sweeter fruity scotch? How about one with smoky after tones? Perhaps something with a little spice is more up your alley? Well these guys have captured the essence of all three (separately of course, those flavor would taste odd mixed together) for you to see which route you'd like to take. Of course, there are other flavors. Citrus, chocolate, etc... It's all about the aftertaste.

Then, I'd head over to Liquor Snob and see what they've got to say about some of the Scotches out there and match them up to the flavors you liked best. (This should go without saying, but a place like Liquor Snob might not exactly be safe for work- that's up to you). Pick a few of them out and give them a try.

Viola' you're on the path to draining your bank account faster than you can find the perfect chainline on a Huffy.

Just please don't drown it in ice cubes, or water it down. Those things just make bad Scotch take longer to drink and muddle up the taste of a good Scotch.


Michael said...

So, what kind of glass is that? Riedel?

Bernie said...

Hey Trickster- can you get off work from Feb 14-20 to go on a bike trip with us?