Saturday, February 16, 2008

6 am coffee never tasted so good

This message was not sent from an Apple iPhone.While I managed to stay warm all night, I just couldn't sleep anymore past 0530. While the Bivy is nice, it is pretty small. That and it rained so hard last night that the top portion of my tent pooled water prety badly. Enough so that I was able to feel the weight of it on top of me.

Still, not a bad little tent. While not completely waterproof, there was condensation on the insides of my tent, it did the job. I stayed safe and dry.

The pic you see is my little Dr Pepper can stove. I have really enjoyed that stove on this trip. It is light, cheap, and it works great.

Now I'm going to go enjoy my coffee and wait for the boys to wake up.


Pete said...

Okay, we get it. You're too good for an iPhone. Your point has been made. Move on.

Hasty! said...

I'm not too good for an iPhone. In fact I'd love to have one. It's an automatically generated signature, very similar to the one that the iPhone makes. Think of it as a play on words.

However, since it bugs you this much I'll disable the signature option for the remainder of our journey.

Please don't think I'm anti Apple. I love Apple. I have an iMac, several iPods, stock in the company, and as soon as I can get an iPhone on a network that isn't AT&T... I'll have one of those too. So I definitely believe in the company.

Pete said...

Sorry, man. Blame it on the internets for not getting across the sarcastic nature of things. I should have read it as more forlorn than "f$&# you, I don't need it."

I realized that you were posting from a non-iPhone via e-mail, I'm glad you're doing it and whatever technology you're using to help you do so is just fine in my eyes.

I also wasn't trying to be an Apple zealot, and I'm sorry if my comment was overly mean.

Hasty! said...

It's all good. Sometimes the internet is hard to not seem snarky. Actually if we knew each other better you'd think it's funny. If anything I'm anti-microsoft, unfortunately I'm trapped in a Microsoft smartphone world right now, that's what makes the sig line so funny to my friends.