Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bike Tour

Well I'm pretty stoked. I've got a bike tour coming up soon and I'm going through my equipment to see what all I've got, and what I need. This will be a self supported tour that will last about a week. Meaning, I am left to my own devices for about 7 days... camping on the road, carrying my own stove and food, etc... I had really hoped this would be the maiden voyage for the Big Dummy, but alas it is not meant to be yet. They will probably start shipping the frames out while I'm on tour.

This means I'll be taking the Cross Check. While it's not really meant to be a touring bike, I've heard of people doing it. The chainstays are a bit on the short side- meaning the length in the back between the pedal and the rear wheel isn't as long as a touring bike and the heels of your feet will hit whatever bag you have on a rack back there. I added a front rack so that I could use a smaller rear pannier on the back. I think it'll work pretty good. I've done a few test runs and didn't have any problems, even with 40-50 pounds of gear on there.

Here's a pic with some gear on it that I used for an initial shake-down cruise:

Back in the day I used to do quite a bit of ultralight camping, however stuff has gotten much, much lighter than it has when I used to do it. Still just as expensive though. Luckily I had most of the stuff I needed already. I did add a few things, a new stove a pressurized alcohol jet stove(of course I built it myself since I'm strange that way), a new ultralight tent (2 pounds), and a few other odds and ends. Luckily I was able to get everything else nice and light since I am not light by any means.

Of course technology has gotten way cooler as well. I can now take my GPS with me, and I was able to download USGS survey maps to my phone. Incredible! Of course, we'll still rely on cue sheets and a good old fashioned road map as well.

In addition I'll be able to post blogs from my trip by phone.

Next time I go I might even be able to take Gracie with me. As you can see, she not only has quite the set up to get her base miles in:

She has been practicing loaded for a tour as well...

I need to start saving up for that Co-Motion Co-Pilot now!

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oofah....more power to you!