Friday, February 15, 2008

Hamilton Texas

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It is now 2115 hrs. It is about 28 Degrees outside and misting. We have opted to retire to our Bivy shelters. While I might not look too comfy, I'm actually quite warm. Listening to my iPod and getting ready to go to sleep.

Tonight we decided to go try Mexican food. Not too bad, and nice and cheap. We mainly just wanted to sit somewhere warm for a while. This place happened to be across the street.

As far as tomorrow goes... we're just going to have to see what happens. Some pretty severe weather is supposed to move in during the night. While I welcome the idea of the predicted 70 mph tailwinds, I don't exactly look forward to the large hail and lightning that will accompany it.

We will probably spend an extra day here in Hamilton. What does this mean for our tour? Well, we probably won't see Enchanted Rock anytime in the near future. We aren't quite covering the distances we anticipated per day and that is a huge factor since we only had on buffer day and we are so far behind already.

Things we have learned...

1. Headwinds suck

2. The Hill Country of Texas is a fickle mistress

3. 80 miles per day is an unrealistic goal for us while riding bikes with a curb weight of about 100 pounds each (sans rider)... 60 is more realistic, this time of year you run out of daylight quickly.

4. There are some good people out there. The kindness shown to us by total strangers has been incredible, and a loaded touring bike is a great ice-breaker. Tonight we are staying in an RV park right off the town square. The owner even left a storage building open for us in case we needed better shelter.

5. Every ounce you pack really does add up, I now understand why some guys cut the handles off toothbrushes.

6. Headwinds still suck.

Sorry this post isn't more interesting. It's been a pretty dreary day, but we still feel pretty great and spirits are high. The miles even felt good today.

p.s. For the much venerated Truman, we are getting around 60 miles per day. We could probably push further each day, but it is pretty tiring and the daylight is a huge factor.

Peace Out!

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Truman said...

Dude - 100 pounds? Just... Wow. I hate that you're getting such crummy weather, but I'm really glad that you're all the kinds of guys that can have fun on the trip even if the goals change. Huge props.

Lucky for Roll Aid, the time change happens the day we leave.