Sunday, February 17, 2008

Now this is a Dinner

When I first started reading about touring by bike, the thing I read most often was about how much Touring Cyclist eat. As someone who does most distance cycling in a quasi-competetive setting, the idea seemed a little strange... and a bit overblown.

Now that I've done it, I completely understand. You spend most of your time fighting a negative deficit. Lugging around a hundred pounds of bike over hill and dale really sucks the energy out of you. Even constantly snacking and drinking while you ride doesn't change it much. I know I'm a big guy, but I don't eat quite as much as most people might think. However, wow... I have found myself eating almost constantly on this trip and I still think I have burned much much more than I've taken in.

This bounty of food is from Underwoods BBQ in Brownwood. My final stop. I've met up with my Dad and Brother and we are headed to their house now. While I'm a little sad that my tour didn't go quite the way I expected it to, we were able to make the best of a few bad situations, go with the flow, and have a lot of fun.

I have learned more about touring by bike the last 4 days by actually doing it, than I did just reading about it. Some things I expected to be difficult went really well, while some of the easy things were harder than I ever expected them to be.

Just because the tour is over, don't quit reading if you've been following this. After I mull things over a bit I will do a more concise write up on a real computer with a real keyboard. I also plan on doing product reviews on the things I used the most. That was actually one of the most difficult things to research, as there isn't all that much out there on many of the items I was using. While other reviews were just glossed over press releases.

Also, if I hear from the Tailwind Boys... I'll post the update here.

Thanks to all the support and comments from new readers. It really did make a difference for us.

And a special thanks to Dave Hill for calling and seeing if we needed any help, even though he didn't bring us any whiskey.



Truman said...

Props 2 U for making the best of it.

When you get back, come over to the house and we'll sit on the back porch and drink that whiskey while I pick your brains.

Truman said...

Oh, and if a cop sergeant with a nametag that says "Krpoun" pulls you over in Brownwood, Call him Darth and tell him Truman says to leave you the hell alone. Seriously.

Tate said...

Looking forward to your post trama writeup and reviews. Getting ready for our Roll Aid ride seems a bit daunting, but this blog has helped. Please post your packing list and comments on the items worth and what was missing.