Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review number 3- The Press-Bot and Mora Knife

Alright, we're getting towards the end of the unique products. This one is actually pretty cool. A very innovative product called the Press-Bot. Another simple one. I like simple.

Don't feel like carrying around that extra bulk of a dedicated French Press? You can just add the Press-Bot to a wide mouth Nalgene bottle and Viola! you now have a multi-tasking water bottle.

It's an easy system to use. Just measure out your coffee, put it in the bottle, put the Press-Bot in place (remember this part- do it before you add the water. Makes a mess if you add the water before the screen), add water... and you're set.

5 minutes later, slowly press down... and you have freshly brewed coffee.

This system worked well. The only thing I had a problem with was really my own fault. When I was pouring in water, I tilted the handle off to the side. This allowed some of the grounds to rise over the top of the screen.

For storing the Press-Bot, I just left it in the Nalgene bottle after a good cleaning. Didn't affect the taste of the water, as far as I could tell. Most tap water taste pretty terrible, so if anything a little coffee flavored water can only help.

The other item I wanted to mention is the Mora knife. These little knives are incredible. Inexpensive and well made, this knife is held in very high regard as a serious bush knife. Many survival schools actually recommend this knife if you attend their schools.

I've had one tucked away in my flight suit for almost 4 years now. I decided to bring it along with me on my trip.

This is a laminated carbon steel knife that holds an edge well, is lightweight, and like I said... is cheap (plus the carbon steel will strike a flint, unlike most stainless knives you see on the market today). These knives run about $10.00 each, including shipping.

While I prefer to buy most things locally, this is one of those items that you will probably have to order online. Go into most shops (even specialty knife shops) and you'll be met with a blank stare when you ask for a Mora knife. I was even told by one salesman that there was no such thing.

I got mine from Ragweed Forge. It's listed in their catalog as #510 and sells for $9.00. If you're looking for a decent survival/camping/bush knife, this one is well worth checking out.


Bernie said...

I love my press-bot! It made an awesome jar o' coffee at Whitney S.P. Really, really a cool product, and such an innovative design.

Truman said...

It really is. I'm fighting the temptation - hell I could use that at work, too.

+3 points for fixed-blade content. I think I'll order a couple Mora stickers.

Michael P. said...

I am jonesing for your complete trip write up. :)

Thanks for all your write ups. When I do my tour, I will definitely be referencing your blog.


Brian Siebert said...

I love your review on the Press-Bot coffee press. I have been using them for years and have found the Press-Bot to be a reliable must have for any trip.

And here is some even better news.....The Press-Bot coffee presses are being made again. A company out of Flagstaff Arizona picked 'em up and started making them again. YAY. Thanks again for the great review.
Brian Siebert