Thursday, February 28, 2008

Surly why must you torment me so???

Since I first saw the pictures of the Big Dummy from interbike 2 years ago (yes 2 years) I've been waiting on this bike.

We're now down to the wire and they still haven't made it down here yet.

So what does Surly do to placate me?

They do a news story!

Yes, they tease me.

It just makes me want it that much more. Especially since some people have already gotten one.

How do I keep missing the boat on this?


Tarik Saleh said...

I used the force to get mine. See with out seeing, know without knowing, etc. etc.

That and I have been bugging the LBS for about a year to get me one, with cc in hand ready to make a payment if they needed a deposit.

Hasty! said...

Ok, that's pretty cool that you found my little blog lamenting the fact that I haven't gotten my Big Dummy (who I am going to call Cletus BTW).

It's sort of like Christmas for me. I know all year when it's coming, but I don't start to fret until the day before. Well... it's been the day before for about 2 weeks now.

I'm with you completely about bugging the bike shop too. I've had the cash set aside ever since they said they'd be available in Feb.

Fortunately my guys at my LBS love me.