Monday, May 12, 2008

Am I a Retro Grouch yet?


The Holga is apparently a gateway drug. I recently stepped off the deep end and picked up a Twin Lens Reflex camera. Fortunately they're really cheap because everyone has gone digital.

Here's my new poison:

Fortunately, the Big Dummy makes it easy to carry around.

The pics are ok, mainly user error since I didn't have a light meter and I'm getting to know the camera. Had to guess settings. Still fun to use. Once I get into the swing of it I think it'll take some great pics.


tricky said...

Badass. I have an old Yashica TLR.

Bernie said...

I love that shot of the old TXU plant alongside the Paddock Viaduct. A great perspective you don't see often.

Hasty! said...

Yeah, you should have seen me hanging over the edge of the bridge to get that shot in focus. Glad I use a tripod with a cable release.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

A Rollei with Konica infrared was like crack for me. See here, here, and here. Er, here's a whole set.

Hasty! said...


nice. I love cameras... especially with B&W.