Friday, May 16, 2008

Bike to Work day

Actually, every day is bike to work day for me. However, since this was an auspicious occasion... I thought it would be nice to take a few simple pics today.

Took Gracie to school today and we tried out the new seat for the Big Dummy.

Seems like this is going to be a great seat. That means I can finish painting it, clear coat it, trim up the hardware, and get it ready to go.

Gracie loves riding on back like this. In the trailer, she has a hard time talking to me. This way, she even helps me watch out for Stop signs!

The ride started off a bit chilly, however by the time we arrived it had warmed up nicely. Glad she started off with the jacket...

Hopefully you got a chance to ride your bike to work today as well.


Tarik Saleh said...

What kind of seat is that? Looks pretty great.

Hasty! said...

It's one I made myself. I saw a picture of a seat style that I wanted to duplicate on the internet and just did a little creative interpretation of it.

My daughters creative addition was to choose fluorescent pink paint.

Works great. I sewed a seat pad for it last week. Total investment was about $12.00.

Beats the $200.00 that a pea pod cost. Which don't seem to be available right now as it is.