Friday, June 13, 2008

Beautiful Day to ride

Since I've gotten the Big Dummy, I've sorely neglected the other bikes in my stable.

This year I'm riding on a team, so the Masi is finally getting some attention... however my poor Cross Check fixed gear. It's sat alone too long. So I took it out on a cruise running errands. Probably ended up with around 15 miles or so.

I almost forgot how much fun it is riding a fixed gear bike. It's geared 44x16 and it felt fast. Since I'm wasting away I feel a bit faster as well. Climbs aren't so bad either anymore.


Bernie said...

Dang, you are wasting away. I almost didn't even recognize you in that reflection. What team are you riding for?

Hasty! said...

They started a team up at the hospital. You probably know most of them, heck 4-5 of us are on Masi bikes. Pretty fun. Well organized and supported, just not really competitive right now since it's pretty new and we're all feeling each other out in that respect.