Monday, June 23, 2008

The Century that really wasn't...

Darrin and I got together to do a ride this morning. On our warm up I mentioned that it would be nice to try and do a long ride. Next thing you know, were mapping out a route in our minds that will give us a Century. Yes, that is 100 miles.

It was an incredible route. We rode East to Arlington and hit Gateway Park. A very cool place to ride. Even saw a first in the Metroplex... a Bobcat. Just walking along and not really caring that we were 3 feet away from it.

Very cool!

After that we headed back. Of course since we really didn't plan for this Century ride, I didn't pack enough nutrition for the ride either. An issue that reared it's ugly head about 70 miles into the trip. Not so much due to the lack of real food, but appropriate drinks. I'm not a gatorade drinker, I usually just drink water. However, drinking 8 quarts of water on a trip like this for hydration really doesn't cut it. I washed out my electrolytes in a bad way. By mile 80 I was pretty much done. That nasty waterlogged feeling in my gut was more than I could take.

Physically I felt pretty good. I just had a hard time going on with the ride. We ended up with almost 85 miles. I got home, sipped some chicken bullion (Yay Salt!), quit shaking, and started re-hydrating.

Feel much better now.

Lesson learned. I won't do that again without Endurolytes.

Think I'll give it a shot again next week.

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Velo, Tx said...

I have been itchin to do a century for a while now. Maybe I should join you. With salts.