Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm famous!

Well, even more famous than usual...

Got home from Amarillo this afternoon to find this at my local newsstand.

Didn't think I'd be on the front page. I know I told them I was photogenic and all... but really, the front page??? Wow.

Very cool, yet humbling at the same time. Hopefully it will help humanize those of us that travel by bike to those that choose to drive everywhere they go.

I think Barry did a great job writing this story and Ron was a really cool photographer that had tons of neat equipment that I would love to get my hands on. My thanks to both of them for not making me look like a total dork (a very real possibility in my world).


Bernie said...

I was psyched to see you on the front page, Chris. In my mind you ARE the face of Fort Worth bicycle commuters.

And the Big Dummy is the bike of the future.

There's nobody I would have rather seen as the posterboy for this story.

Anonymous said...

The front page indeed!
Thanks to Barry, yes he interviewed and researched, and best yet- wrote a great article.

Thanks to everyone he interviewed for the personal reflections on bicycle commuting, the difficulties, needs, and their abilities to do so even with today's environment... its a concrete jungle out there, with a little education, share the road attitude, and increased safe bicycle access anyone could do this. That's a goal!

Nice to have last year's failed Safe Passing Law for Cyclists mentioned- and our current FW Senator Brimer was mentioned for his role...
Bernie, I'd really like to tell everyone that Wendy Davis will strongly support a Safe Passing Law for Cycylists- can we do that sir?

Thanks again Chris. Showing others what can be done, leading by example- good stuff!

Jim Wilson

Bernie said...

Yes Jim, you absolutely spread the word that Wendy supports the safe passing bill (as originally written, too... not with the bad amendment her opponent added last legislature).