Monday, June 16, 2008

An interesting and worthwhile item

In the past week 7 cyclist have been killed or injured in the DFW area. This petition was passed onto me from BikeDFW . While it might only be a feel good proposition, you never know... it might actually make a difference.

If you ride a bike, or know someone who rides a bike. Take a second to fill it out.


Monica, Plano, TX said...

After almost being hit twice by people on cell phones who are not paying attention, that is why we ride on the sidewalk.

Hasty! said...

Well, I don't know that the sidewalk is any safer. Depends on the type of riding you do. In many cases it is actually less safe.

At slower speeds it is usually fine, however most cars seldom stop or yield at the sidewalk before proceeding to the intersection. Therefore, a cyclist is more likely to be hit by a car pulling out of a driveway or parking lot.

Actually I could go quite in depth about this subject. Enough for a whole new post!

Thanks for the topic.

Felipe Hopeful said...


your blog's name is almost like mine...that's'm from Brazil...would u like to change some ideas?

see ya..

Anonymous said...

Great to see your picture and comments in the Sunday edition of the Star-Telegram. I think Barry Schachter (reporter) did a great job.
Good to see good folks with positive comments and needed requests (you on front page, Blanca - great lady on Buisness cover, and Kyle - our club's vice president inside business section).
If you look at Texas Bicycle Coalition's (TBC) website (, you'll see they strongly disagreed with Bicycling Magazine labeling DFW as America's worst cycling metro area... I on the other hand agree with the magazine's label. We've a large and growing cycling population and need a lot of work here. There are MANY good things moving forward in the last few years, but they'll need to continue and need funding. Here's to keeping those things moving forward and more cyclists out on the roadways with us.

Jim Wilson
LMRA Bicycle Club