Monday, June 30, 2008

Now for the Century that was!

Ok, most important thing... electrolyes rock!

After the dismal failure of last Monday, I intrepidly talked Darrin into a repeat attempt. We started a bit earlier, and planned a little better.

Endurolytes are the bomb. Sure they taste like a water bottle full of sweat, but it made all the difference in the world. Capsules might be a better idea after this jar runs out. Also added Propel Fitness water to my arsenal. Finally, Gatorade has made a product that does not suck! Generally I drink Gatorade and I fell terrible the whole ride. That high fructose stuff just makes me want to vomit during the entire ride. However the Propel is a different story. Comes in little powder packets, mixes just fine in my water bottle, and is benign enough that I can drink it all day.

The first 90 or so miles when fine. We were cruising along nicely and felt strong. The last 8-9 miles lasted forever. It was like I was trapped in this horrible time warp. I didn't think it would ever, ever, ever, ever end!

Was tired when I got home, but after a shower and a 10 minute rest I felt pretty good. Added another 12 miles to that total by riding the fixed gear to my class tonight. Glad I did that. The high cadence spin down really made my thighs feel much better. The stiffness and soreness was gone and I feel great now.

We'll just see how I feel in the morning!

Read 'em and weep boys:

The Hotter than Hell is going to be a cakewalk this year! Especially if I do another Century every Monday for the next 8 weeks... and I think I just might.


Mon said...

Awesome!!! I feel so dimunitive only having gotten to 5 miles on Saturday...

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome.
I can see another Star-Telegram article now, "He commutes daily, and rides 100+ miles once a week for "Fun"... often commutes to New Orleans for the weekend, all on a single speed."

You're right about the HHH, a couple centuries a month and it will be a snap!

Jim Wilson