Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Dummy news...

For those of you that are interested... I'm guessing from the way many of you covet Cletus, that seems to be a large number of people.

Just posted on the Surly Blog:

18" Big Dummy framesets are going into stock at our distributor as I write this. More 18" framesets, 22" framesets, and 16" framesets will arrive next week. 20" and more 22" framesets will arrive near the end of August/beginning of September.

They cost more now. $1050 is retail. Life is hard. It still costs less than a Hummer or a Prius.

They'll go pretty fast. Again, life is hard. We're doing all we can.

You're doing a great job today. Everyone around you agrees that you are the hardest working s.o.b. in the place. So, nice work.


Order while you can guys!

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