Saturday, July 5, 2008

What was I thinking?

I now have to divvy up my hobby budget a little further. Found an incredible deal on a new toy.

The Pentax 645

This is a Medium Format camera that is way beyond my Ricohflex (which takes the most fantastic pictures). Everything is electronic except the focus, which is how I prefer it.

This is a big camera. It's a pretty good size and not something you'd just stick in your pocket, but the weight isn't what I thought it would be. A good field camera, which is what it's designed for.

What in the Wide Wide World of Sports was I thinking? I don't know, but if it takes pictures half as good as it should... then this is one incredible camera.

I'll post results as they come available.


Velo, Tx said...

When the pictures first loaded, I thought you had picked up a hasselblad. I gasped then read the rest of the post. I am sure that one wasn't cheap either. Your developing a pretty nice camera collection, my friend. :)

-Michael P.

Hasty! said...

While I'd love to have a Hasselblad, this was in the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

Plus the glass is cheaper than Hasselblad lenses, and the reviews on them are almost as good...

Another bonus is that Pentax 67 lenses work on this body. I can find those lenses at good prices all the time.

If only it had a digital back option... sigh... Oh well, that alone will save me $7000.00.

Velo, Tx said...

After reading your post, I came across an announcement for the latest digital Hasselblad. 50 megapixels. 50. Each picture file is 300mb. How in the heck do you work with that thing? I guess if you are paying $35k+ for a camera, you have no problem buying an new Mac Pro.

Velo, Tx said...

So when are you going to pickup a large format outfit. I know you are thinking about it...

Hasty! said...

Oh you don't even want to know what I stumbled across the other day.

I'll post about it tomorrow when I get home.

Velo, Tx said...

Lookin forward to it. I live vicariously through your blog.