Friday, August 29, 2008

Random August Photos!

It's the end of the month. Means it's time for a few of my random photos. It's also your lucky day as I'm submitting two post in a single day. People rejoice!

Riding with my new Stoker:

Taking a well deserved ride with the wife, and having some fun on the trail:

Commuting to work with my friend Darrin:

Just watch out when you get over to East side... apparently they don't like to leave witnesse over there. This is a desolate little stretch of road near Cobb Park and interestingly enough the burned out spot is just about the same size as a car. Can't tell you if it was rolling on Dubs or not...

Here are the pics from the much talked about (and greatly missed since I returned it) Hasselblad. Wow it takes great pictures.

Finally, some from my trusty Pentax 645. This is from an experimental roll of Velvia that I shot. The contrast this film throws around is incredible. Have to use this film carefully, probably on landscapes from now on.

Radio Ranch about 10 minutes before the buttcrack of dawn:

Downtown just as the sun is peeking out:

Main Street underpass at I-30 a few minutes later:

Some of these you've seen before, some you haven't. Hopefully they were enjoyable. I know I had fun taking them.

Sagebrush in bloom

Got home from work this morning and knew it was going to rain. Our sage Brush always blooms right before a rain. If this is any indication, we're gonna get a bunch of rain! Haven't seen it this full in a while. I don't think the Bees have either.

I grabbed by little point and shoot, since it's the only camera with a Macro setting, and took some pics of the little guys at work. Amazing what goes on right in front of you and many times you don't even notice it...

This little Sage Brush is actually a nice little plant:

The camera is pretty good too. The Bokeh on this lens is much better than I expected:

The Bees were hard at work. Really didn't pay much attention to me at all:

Not to be left out, the butterflies were lounging around as well. It was such a nice day that they pretty much ignored me too. It's sorta like High School all over again...

Too bad Gracie was at school today. She would have loved watching them all work. At least I was able to get some pics of it before the rain hit (what little rain there was).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hotter than Hell 100

I met up with the team on Friday morning. We loaded up the van and U-Haul to head up towards the Falls. I was the only person that arrived on a bike carrying another bike:

Just in case there was any trouble along the way, Darrin smuggled in the Silca frame pump:

In case you don't understand the whole Silca joke, and for some reason many don't, you can find the answer here.

Rode the HH100 on Saturday. Fun ride. Actually, it was more than fun. It was a true accomplishment for me. I finally did the whole hundred there.

While I'm no Cat 1-2 rider, I feel I did pretty good. Found some good pacelines, worked hard with the two riders that were with me, and finished strongly. We ended up with a little over 105 miles. Average speed was just over 18 mph and our ride time was 5 hours 49 minutes.

Another first, I finally got to stop at mile 98. That's the unofficial bandit rest stop of the ride. Free beer, BBQ, and one heck of a party was going on when we stopped in. I really wish I would have taken my camera with me for that one.

While it was fun, it didn't feel quite the same as I didn't have my original HH100 crew with me. Even though I don't drink anymore, I did tip a glass of nasty Bud (or Bud Light, or Coors, or Miller Light- I really couldn't tell as they're all pretty awful) for my boys Bernie and Michael P. Yes you were both missed.

Now that I've done it, my goal is to have a sub 5 hour time next year. Hey, go big or go home right?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Up to my neck in cameras

A friend of mine just picked up a new camera... well new to him. He actually picked it up the day before he was going out of town. Since he wasn't going to be able to take it with him, he left the camera with me. He figured he was better off leaving it in my grubby hands as opposed to just sitting on the shelf gathering dust while he was out of town for a week.

Here's the camera sitting next to one of mine(Tricky are you seeing this???):

Yep, it's a Hasselblad. The Holy Grail of the medium format film camera in my opinion. I've wanted to get my hands on a 500 C/M forever. Well this is my chance. I ran it through it's paces to see how it compared to the Pentax.

First off, this is a nice camera. Really nice. Well built and sturdy, every time I pick it up I feel like I'm holding a Swiss watch that can take pictures. It's really user friendly and pretty intuitive. I can see why this has been such a popular and well regarded camera for so long.

The glass is crystal clear and the controls are right where they should be. It's all mechanical, so in some respects it's pretty fool-proof. A good feature for someone like me. One of the things I really like about it is the fact that I can set exposure values for a range of settings off one light meter reading. This means there's I take one EV reading with my hand held light meter, set it on the bezel of the camera and it gives me a range of matched shutter speeds and aperture settings for that reading. An awesome option for someone like me who always forgets, even though I know it's really not that hard.

This is a nice, deliberate camera that is perfect for portrait and landscape work. I took it out and ran some film through it this morning. Flawless. I really like waist level viewers. Seems like I focus on my composition a little better when I use them. Of course, the true test will be when I develop that roll of film. I've got some Velvia in the fridge, maybe I'll run it through this camera if I get time before I have to give it back.

Surprisingly, it's a bit more compact than the Pentax as you can see from the pictures... but not by much.

I would have expected it to be a bit bigger due to the interchangeable backs. Apparently not the case.

Hard to say if I like it better. Really, I think it's a different camera for a little different purpose. The Pentax is a great field camera that takes beautiful spontaneous pictures because it's so quick and deliberate. The Hasselblad is a fantastic all round camera that would probably be a great choice for landscapes, portraits, and anything else where you have a little more time to get that exposure. I really like both, and while I would like a little more time to play with it... I think I could give one a good home if it showed up.