Monday, August 25, 2008

Hotter than Hell 100

I met up with the team on Friday morning. We loaded up the van and U-Haul to head up towards the Falls. I was the only person that arrived on a bike carrying another bike:

Just in case there was any trouble along the way, Darrin smuggled in the Silca frame pump:

In case you don't understand the whole Silca joke, and for some reason many don't, you can find the answer here.

Rode the HH100 on Saturday. Fun ride. Actually, it was more than fun. It was a true accomplishment for me. I finally did the whole hundred there.

While I'm no Cat 1-2 rider, I feel I did pretty good. Found some good pacelines, worked hard with the two riders that were with me, and finished strongly. We ended up with a little over 105 miles. Average speed was just over 18 mph and our ride time was 5 hours 49 minutes.

Another first, I finally got to stop at mile 98. That's the unofficial bandit rest stop of the ride. Free beer, BBQ, and one heck of a party was going on when we stopped in. I really wish I would have taken my camera with me for that one.

While it was fun, it didn't feel quite the same as I didn't have my original HH100 crew with me. Even though I don't drink anymore, I did tip a glass of nasty Bud (or Bud Light, or Coors, or Miller Light- I really couldn't tell as they're all pretty awful) for my boys Bernie and Michael P. Yes you were both missed.

Now that I've done it, my goal is to have a sub 5 hour time next year. Hey, go big or go home right?


Bernie said...

When I saw your post on Dorba, I thought you had ridden all the way to the Falls! Which would have been awesome, by the way. Let's do that next year.

Congrats on knocking down the big ride. I thought of you on Saturday and wondered how you were doing. Obviously pretty well; I'm proud of you Hastyman!

Velo, Tx said...

I was there in spirit! Congrats on doing the whole 100. 18mph average on a century is dang strong! Good job brotha.

I will start training for next year. I want to be with you on the sub 5 hour finish. :)

Patrick Polischuk said...


It looks like you rigged up that wideloader and bike rack on your own. How did you do it?