Friday, August 29, 2008

Random August Photos!

It's the end of the month. Means it's time for a few of my random photos. It's also your lucky day as I'm submitting two post in a single day. People rejoice!

Riding with my new Stoker:

Taking a well deserved ride with the wife, and having some fun on the trail:

Commuting to work with my friend Darrin:

Just watch out when you get over to East side... apparently they don't like to leave witnesse over there. This is a desolate little stretch of road near Cobb Park and interestingly enough the burned out spot is just about the same size as a car. Can't tell you if it was rolling on Dubs or not...

Here are the pics from the much talked about (and greatly missed since I returned it) Hasselblad. Wow it takes great pictures.

Finally, some from my trusty Pentax 645. This is from an experimental roll of Velvia that I shot. The contrast this film throws around is incredible. Have to use this film carefully, probably on landscapes from now on.

Radio Ranch about 10 minutes before the buttcrack of dawn:

Downtown just as the sun is peeking out:

Main Street underpass at I-30 a few minutes later:

Some of these you've seen before, some you haven't. Hopefully they were enjoyable. I know I had fun taking them.


Bernie said...

Love that underpass!

Velo, Tx said...

Very nice shots. Those hasselblad photos are amazing. There is so much to take in on that picture with the train cars. Fantastic.