Friday, August 29, 2008

Sagebrush in bloom

Got home from work this morning and knew it was going to rain. Our sage Brush always blooms right before a rain. If this is any indication, we're gonna get a bunch of rain! Haven't seen it this full in a while. I don't think the Bees have either.

I grabbed by little point and shoot, since it's the only camera with a Macro setting, and took some pics of the little guys at work. Amazing what goes on right in front of you and many times you don't even notice it...

This little Sage Brush is actually a nice little plant:

The camera is pretty good too. The Bokeh on this lens is much better than I expected:

The Bees were hard at work. Really didn't pay much attention to me at all:

Not to be left out, the butterflies were lounging around as well. It was such a nice day that they pretty much ignored me too. It's sorta like High School all over again...

Too bad Gracie was at school today. She would have loved watching them all work. At least I was able to get some pics of it before the rain hit (what little rain there was).


KB said...

Pretty good macro action Hasty.

Monica said...

Pretty Sage Brush...was it there when you moved in or did you acquire it after?