Thursday, September 25, 2008

Android Phone

The Android phone was announced a couple of days ago. I'm one of those guys that's been following it since I first heard about it many, many months ago. I'm actually thinking about buying one when they're available next month. Might even pre-order one.

As much as I'd like to have an iPhone, it seems like the G1 will have a little more flexibility long term. Still, I'm torn between the two. Apparently others are as well. One person over on Gizmodo suggested a challenge to see which phone was the best in real-life situations:

Gizmodo, please do a "usability-test" - it should work like this:

A G1 user and an iPhone user sit in a room and have to do several real-world tasks - who does it faster wins:

- Look up a fact in wikipedia you argued with someone about, than edit the article it to your favor

- do a calculation of something you could have easily done in your head

- Give someone a Phonenumber from your adressbook, while you are talking to him

- Find a picture of BOOBS

- Get heavily drunk, call your GF - if you succeed, you fail

- Get heavily drunk, buy stupid things on amazon or ebay

- Find out how drunk you are with an online-calculator

- Find out how much your car would be worth if you crash it while driving drunk

What will I end up getting? Only time will tell. However, that Android phone is awfully tempting right now.


KB said...


I don't think it really matters, since you never check your messages and call me back anyway, what kind of phone you get!!

Hasty! said...

Mea Culpa.

You are exactly right. I'm terrible about calling people back. I save the message so I can call back when I can talk with minimal distractions, then I don't do it at all.

I think I get distracted too easily.

Bernie said...

I bet this android phone will make a nice blog updater for bike tours...