Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maxxis Tires

Well, I finally have to get new tires. I don't know exactly how many miles I've put on this set, but I remember buying them almost 2 years ago. I only remember this because they're 700x25. A size you don't see in this particular tire too often.

I'm guessing I probably put between 7000-8000 miles on this particular tire. More importantly, I was bombing down a hill at 45 mph on this very tire 24 hours ago. Good thing it held up.

Here's the worst of the two spots:

Second is not far from it:

You're probably thinking this is terrible.

Actually, it's pretty incredible. I've ridden these tires in some of the worst terrain imaginable for a road bike. Glass strewn streets, potholes, etc... I've only had one flat, and that was because I ran over a roofing nail. It actually stuck in the aluminum part of my rim. Pretty impressive. I've even dug chunks of glass out of this tire. Even with these two chunks missing, still didn't have a flat.

Yes, these Maxxis Re-Fuse tires have been good to me. I'll probably buy another set if I can find them in 700x25.


Bernie said...

I'm pretty sure I have a set of 25s if you can't find a pair anywhere. I'll sell 'em to you, since I don't think I'll be needing them very soon.

Velo, Tx said...

Pretty much wore those down to the knub! Well done.

Maxxis tyres said...

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