Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day Riders

For Mothers Day, Grace and I picked up an adult sized scooter for Sharon. It's actually the perfect gift, as Grace loves her scooter and Sharon and I spend most of our time chasing behind her at the park. This allows Sharon to level the playing field a little bit... although Grace can still ride circles around us with a scooter. They had so much fun I might even get one.

This time I took the fixed gear to ride along with them and take a few pictures:

As usual, Grace was flying along without a care in the world:

Sharon put forth a valiant effort to keep up with her:

We then got to one of my favorite spots for reflections (as my brother would say):

This spot is special to me because it always makes me think of my mother.

Afterwards, a short break and some exploring along the creek:

You'll notice that Grace has a sense of style that any hipster would be envious of:

A shot of Sharons sweet new ride (and of course my sweet sweet ride in the background):

It was a great Sunday afternoon. I hope everyone else had as good of a weekend as we did.

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