Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Wheel Build

This is the first wheelset I built on my own. The rear was done a few weeks ago, and I finally found the time to lace up the front. Haven't ridden them yet, but I'm glad I've finally done it. For people that work on their own bikes, knowing how to build up a wheelset is a big step.

With the help of my crack photographer, we thought I would share some of my work...

First a self portrait of the crack photographer:

Next, the aspiring wheel builder:

Finally, some artsy shots of the wheel itself. A Campy hub laced to a Velocity Deep V wheel with Black double butted DT Swiss spokes and red anodized nipples. 32 hole, laced 3x for those that are interested...

I'll snap some pics when I get them mounted. Hopefully they don't implode!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One small dent...

While it seems like a small dent to you. To me this is a yawning chasm. It signifies many things.

First, it is possibly the end of a great wheelset. My friend Bernie built these wheels for me. I've logged close to 20000 miles and over 100 pounds of weight loss with these wheels.
I love these wheels...

Secondly, at 530 am it signifies the end of a great commuting streak. Over 3 years I've ridden my bike to work and never needed a bail out. Fortunately I was riding with my good friend Loyd who was able to ride back to his house and get his car. Bless you Loyd.
This might set me back, but it won't stop me. I will just build up another wheel and fet back on the road.

P.s. railroad tracks suck. Should have ridden the fixed gear.