Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Allison in Austin

Last week I rode the train down to Austin and back. I wanted to visit my Sister-in-Law before the fall semester started back up. I’ve never gone down to Austin to visit her, so I thought it would be nice. I’m glad I did, we had a great time. She’s a great young lady with big things in store for her in life. I always enjoy visiting with her because she has the perspective of youth. I always take something worthwhile back with me after our great talks. Hopefully she gets something with me as well.

It was cool spending time with her. We went to Mothers Café on Duval St. , and I was very impressed. It is a kinda upscale Vegetarian/Vegan establishment with great food. She tried the Chile Relleno, a first for her, and she really liked it. I think it’s cool that she wants to try new things, and I’m glad she lets me help her. I had a roasted Poblano topped with a chipotle reduction, black beans, and grilled seasonal veggies. It was beyond excellent! This is a place I will go to again, for that and the blueberry pie I had for dessert. Who says vegetarians don’t eat well?

Afterwards she showed me Austin as she knows it. We checked out covert park, which is a really cool place that has a view of the entire city and Town Lake. I can’t recommend it enough if you’re ever in that area. Then we just hung out and talked. I had a great time, and will try to go back soon….next time with my bike and a real camera.

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Sam said...

Hi Hasty,
You around to field a couple of questions regarding your Surly Cross Check touring set-up?